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Sri Lanka disclosure rules help propel rise in business ranking

Oct 21, 2011 (LBO) - Tighter corporate disclosure rules helped propel Sri Lanka up the ease of doing business rankings, moving it closer to the target ranking of 30, a regulator said.
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According to the 'Doing Business Ranking' computed by the World Bank Group, Sri Lanka was ranked 89 of 183 countries in 2012, a "tangible improvement" compared to the 2011 ranking of 98, the central bank said.
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"Most of the reforms undertaken in Sri Lanka in 2011 were in the areas of protecting investors and paying taxes," it said in a statement.

"The ranking of Sri Lanka in the area of 'Protecting Investors' improved dramatically from 74 to 46, an improvement of 28 places.

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"This was achieved by amendment of the Colombo Stock Exchange listing rules requiring greater corporate disclosure on transactions between interested parties."

The central bank also said recent tax reforms would also help propel the island further up the rankings next year as they were not considered in the latest rankings.

Sri Lanka also undertook substantial tax reforms during 2011, reducing tax costs to businesses by abolishing turnover tax and reducing corporate income tax, value added tax and nations bui

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