Sri Lanka economist with many faces: H N S Karunathilake

July 26, 2010 (LBO) – A scientist normally belongs to a single school of thought. He would follow the traditions, views and methods of that school to the letter. To the outside world, he shows himself up with a single face. Neville was practically teaching students in all the four years reading for economics and management and his triumph herald car entering the university gates in the evenings was a common spectacle everyday at that time. Unlike many other lecturers who depend on lecture notes to talk, he relied on his memory and a standard text book to deliver his lectures. He came to classes with a text book, referred to the book occasionally and talked on the subjects in perfect Sinhalese, a language in which he had never received instructions during his academic career. Occasionally, he stopped his talk and asked a question from the students. When students could not give him the correct answer, he explained the answer in full with practical examples.

Neville’s Academic Development

Neville completed his secondary education at Trinity College, Kandy, joined the prestigious University of Ceylon and read for an honours degree in Economics. Having passed the degree examination with honours, he joined the t

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