Sri Lanka EU air services nationality curbs lifted

Oct 27, 2011 (LBO) – Sri Lanka and the European Union had inked a deal to lift nationality restrictions placed on EU carriers under existing bi-lateral air service agreements with 15 countries. “The agreement represents an important step towards strengthening aviation relations and
enhancing the overall cooperation with Sri Lanka, while encouraging traffic between the EU
and Sri Lanka,” the EU office said.

“Air transport is crucial for relations between the EU and Sri Lanka, linking people, cultures and businesses.”

The EU delegation office the deal will allow any EU airline to operate flights between Sri Lanka and any EU member state in which it is established, where a bilateral already exists and traffic rights are available.

The deal called a ‘horizontal agreement’ makes existing agreements comply with EU law.
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In 2010, air travellers between the EU and Sri Lanka had increased by 11 percent to 380,000 passengers.

There were direct flights between Sri Lanka and six EU member states; Belgium,
France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

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