Sri Lanka exports down 6.6-pct in November

Dec 28, 2012 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s exports fell 6.6 percent to 827.6 million US dollars in November 2012 from a year earlier but apparel exports picked up 4.6 percent to 363 million US dollars, official data shows. The value of tea exports was also up a slight 0.6 percent to 126 million US dollars, though overall agricultural exports were down 8 percent to 190.2 million US dollars, the Central Bank said.

Imports fell 8.4 percent to 1.82 billion US dollars in November 2012 from a year earlier with consumer goods imports falling 28.2 percent to 235.5 million US dollars.

Intermediate goods imports were flat at 1.17 billion US dollars, with textiles up 5.6 percent to 204 million US dollars, which the Central Bank said pointed to a further pick up in apparel exports in the near future.

Petroleum imports were up 18.7 percent to 581.3 million US dollars.

Investment goods were down 13.0 percent to 409.1 million US dollars in November from a year earlier.

Machinery down 10 percent to 230 million US dollars, transport equipment down 55 percent to 55.8 million and building materials up 36 percent to 122 million US dollars.

The trade gap fell 2.1 percent to 8.5 billion US dollars in November. <