Sri Lanka exports up 6.2-pct in 2013: trade ministry

Jan 23, 2014 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s exports rose 6.2 percent from year earlier to 10,379 million US dollars, the commerce ministry said. Agriculture products grew 10.3 percent to 2479.94 million US dollars, industrial products grew 4.91 percent to 7,618 million US dollars with apparels up 13.31 percent to 4492.20 million.

Other export crops surged 42.9 percent to 521.43 million US dollars, the trade ministry said.

Tea had risen 9.22 percent to 1526.75 million US dollars and fisheries products rose 19.14 percent to 244.43 million US dollars.

Rubber, unclassified products, petroleum, gems and jewellery declined with coconuts flat, the ministry said without giving details. Sri Lanka’s exports started to grow especially in the last quarter, after being anaemic in the first half of the year amid a recovery in economies in developed markets.

Exports from Thailand were down nearly 4 billion US dollars to 68.9 billion US dollars by the third quarter of 2013, though other countries like Vietnam showed strong growth due to foreign invested companies.

In 2013, total exports of Vietnam – a country which abandoned self-suffici

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