Sri Lanka expropriation law slammed in newspaper poll

Nov 13, 2011 (LBO) – An overwhelming 98.4 percent of respondents in a newspaper poll found fault with a law to selectively expropriate some three dozen firms which lawyers said was deeply flawed and trespassed on a constitutional separation of powers. The newspapers a respondent labelled chamber chiefs a set of “spineless leaders, lolling in their comfort zone” instead of joining in a public call for justice and fair play. They changed tack and went with the flow later.

The law was rammed through parliament where the ruling coalition of President Mahinda Rajapaksa has a two thirds majority with lawmakers protesting that it was deeply flawed an amounted to ‘ad hominem’ legislation, which selectively targeted citizens.

“This kind of governance expresses one clear point,” The Sunday Times financial pages said in an editorial.

“That the country is not only fast-tracking development but also fast-tracking the process of dictatorial decision-making which leaves us with one ‘look into the mirror’ question.

“Are we all guilty of culpable homicide (killing the ethics and values) of the current generation where younger people are being taught these ‘negative’ values and that this is the way to behave in society?”

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