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Sri Lanka Fonterra says milk powder safe, but recalling some product

Aug 09, 2013 (LBO) - Sri Lanka's Fonterra unit said it was recalling some product from the market on a health ministry directive but the chemical alleged to be in milk powder was not toxic and its use had been stopped last year. Fonterra Lanka chief Leon Clement said two batches of Anchor and Anchor 1+ branded milk was being withdrawn from the market which Sri Lanka's Industrial Technology Institute had said contained traces of dicyandiamide or DCD.

Fonterra New Zealand had discovered DCD in its milk in late 2012 after farmers used it to prevent cattle run-off from polluting water bodies with nitrates, raising concerns among users.

But Clement said DCD was not toxic and salt was three times as toxic and it was necessary to drink about half million litres of milk or about a swimming pool's worth a day for it to reach the 'tolerable daily intake' based on levels discovered in its products.

Sanath Mahawithanage, head of regulatory and scientific affairs said the tolerable daily intake set by European and US food authorities was also not toxic to users and was the accepted safe level for consumption internationally.

Clement said DCD, which had been used by about 4 percent of its suppliers twice a year and had be

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