Sri Lanka fruit and vegetable exports led by banana and cassava

Nov 05, 2013 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s fruit and vegetable exports have been led by banana and cassava in recent years, which are grown commercially in large extents of land, which is vital to grow the industry, an official said. But analyst warn that such coercive measures will give rulers more legitimacy to undermine citizen’s liberties and property rights through coercion and it is better for citizens themselves to negotiate for the use of land from their fellow men.

Analysts say even where state land has been distributed to people, inadequate property rights prevented their transfer, sale and consolidation.

Countries like Vietnam have seen massive increases in agricultural production even with partial restoration of property rights and a reduction in state intervention and planning under its ‘Doi Moi’ reforms.

Malwatte said state agencies such as department of agriculture and national livestock board had prime agricultural land which could be better utilized.

She said there were opportunities for private public partnerships in managing state-owned farms.

Sri Lanka’s Fruit and Vegetable Producers Processors and Exporters Association is expecting to boost exports of 88 million US dollars by 2015 from 32

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