Sri Lanka hotel makes US$35mn cake

Mar 28, 2012 (LBO) – Sri Lanka Heritance Ahungalle, a hotel in the island’s Aitken Spence leisure group said it has made a 35 million dollar sapphire studded cake, in a bid to make the world’s most expensive one. “Created by their celebrity Chef Dimuthu Kumarasinghe, the ten-layered ‘Pirate’s Fantasy’ comes studded with jewels and different flavours that will symbolise the hotel’s beach front property on the coastal fishing village of Ahungalla,” the hotel said in a statement.

The 35 million dollar cake, made to resemble a pirate ship is available for sale on order.

A replica of the cake was shown to some members of Sri Lanka’s cricket team and the visiting England’s team on March 26, the hotel said.

The ship and its pirate’s chest jewellery and the cake is studded with ten different sapphires, including a ‘Padmaraja’ or King Sapphire which is very rare.

The cakes ingredients include cinnamon, zucchini, purple yam, coconut chips, pistachio, rosemary, almond cookies, white chocolate, coconut meringue, baked cheese, sweet wine berry, pineapple, walnut, pumpkin and lemon.

A customer who buys the 35 million dollar cake will be able to treat up to 10 people to a ten course dinner at the ho