Sri Lanka hydro power generation up on cyclonic rains

Nov 02, 2012 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s state-run Ceylon Electricity Board has upped hydro power generation and stored more water as cyclonic rains lashed the island, while irrigation tanks in several areas were also filling up, data from state agencies show. Data on the CEB website ( shows that daily hydro power generation had risen to 11.2 million units of electricity (GigaWatt hours) or 41.7 percent of the total by October 31 compared with 4.7 GWh or 14.6 percent on October 01.

Expensive thermal generation had fallen to 58.4 percent of the daily energy need or 15.6 GWh by October 31 from 85.4 percent or 27.9 percent on October 01.

Sri Lanka’s state manipulates energy prices below cost for several types of customers including small households, religious institutions and also schools and hospitals effectively making the energy utility finance health and education budgets by overcharging some users.

In 2011 as rains failed and thermal generation shot up the state used central bank accommodated bank credit to manipulate energy tariffs eventually sending the rupee soft-peg down to 134 to the US dollar from 110 and inflation to 9.1 percent.

Tariffs were later partially revised.

By October 31, water storage in reservoirs had ri

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