Sri Lanka hydro storage declines

Nov 23, 2012 (LBO) – Storage at Sri Lanka hydro power generating reservoirs has begun to fall this week after climbing steadily during unusually heavy inter-monsoonal rain, data from the state run power utility shows. Industry experts say the long run average for inflows is about 14GWh a day during November and about 10 during December.

Last year’s rainfall was much lower than in 2012. On November 18 in 2011, the CEB only had 478GWh equivalent of water storage.

On November 22, hydro storage slipped to 815.6 GigaWatt hours (millions of units) or 64.8 percent of total from 816.2 GWh a day earlier.

On November 18, storage peaked at 819.9 GWh or 65.1 percent of total storage. Since then storage has started to slip as daily hydro energy was a little head of inflows.

The reservoirs are still getting inflows of about 8 to 9 GWh but generation is about 10 GWh days, with thermal generation being upped from earlier in the month.

On November 22, hydro generation was 9.6 GWh or 29 percent of daily demand compared with about 14.5 GWh on November 03.

Daily thermal generation has also picked up to about 23GWh on November 22 from under 10GWh in the first week of November.

The relatively hot weath

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