Sri Lanka, India in talks on boosting trade, investments

June 25, 2013 (LBO) – Sri Lanka and India has held talk on doubling trade to 10 billion US dollars over the next three years, removing non-tariff barriers and reviewing negative lists, the island’s finance ministry said. India has allowed eight million pieces of garments under a quantity restriction. Sri Lanka has sought removing quantity restrictions on tea and pepper.

India has extended the license period for processed meat from six months to one year and quarantine restrictions for Rambutan and Mangosteen has been removed.

The removal of quarantine restrictions will help Indians enjoy Sri Lanka fruit when they are in season, but domestic prices in the island can move up analysts say.

The Indian delegation has discussed the need for investments in automobile parts, light engineering and pharmaceuticals to help boost Sri Lanka’s manufacturing capacity.

The two days of talks on trade, investment and Economic Cooperation took place in Colombo with teams led by Sri Lanka’s Treasury secretary P B Jayasundera and India’s Commerce Secretary S R Rao.

Sri Lanka’s finance ministry said the island’s citizens imported more from India and there should be more exports to India.

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