Power officials meet Monday to investigate third island-wide power failure: Minister

Mar 14, 2016 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s Minister of Power and Renewable Energy said senior power sector officials are to meet Monday morning to investigate two island-wide power failures on Sunday.

“It was the third island-wide power failure in six months and we are now investigating it,” Thilak Siyabalapitiya, Minister, Power and Renewable Energy said.

“We think that it was a combination of both natural and technical failures that was the reason, but it is not confirmed yet,”

He said that this happened while the other island-wide power cuts are being investigated and that the engineers investigating this have not yet been able to file their report.

“In the previous instances there were two different causes given by the engineers and it is still too early to ascertain Sunday’s cause.”

The Prime Minister as also appointed a committee in addition to an internal committee that appointed by the Minister.

Meanwhile according to media reports, the Ceylon Electricity Board Chairman Anura Wijepala taking responsibility for the three successive failures in six months has offered his resignation.