Sri Lanka launch survival guide for tourists


Sep 17, 2019 (LBO) – A “Survival Guide for Tourists” has been launched by the independent website for tourists: “”

The website, which is produced by Rocketeer Labs, a Sri Lankan Media-Tech company based in Colombo, is dedicated to promoting tourism to Sri Lanka.

Andrew Jebaraj, director at Sri Lanka Holiday Guru, says, “I got the idea for a Survival Guide from a tourist who told me how useful it would be to have all the information a tourist needs in a simple, easily accessible on-line guide.”

The Survival Guide is part of the Sri Lanka Holiday Guru website which features a weekly newsletter and frequent articles of interest on Sri Lanka to the independent tourist, including hotel and restaurant reviews and first-hand accounts of unusual tourist experiences in Sri Lanka, like, the less known destinations, zip-lining, trekking, whale watching and seeking the perfect cup of tea.

Jebaraj explains: “We listen to social media posts, the web and monitor what tourists want to know. We find the answers and keep the information up to date by checking sources including Sri Lanka immigration, customs and the Tourist Police.

“Our aim with the Survival Guide is to have a one-stop on-line information site for a tourist visiting Sri Lanka.”

Andrew Jebaraj, an experienced entrepreneur, is aided by a team of freelance contributors and researchers. Editorial Consultant is British travel writer, Royston Ellis, a resident of Sri Lanka for 40 years and author of several books about Sri Lanka.

The Sri Lanka Holiday Guru website has become the main site for potential tourists seeking independent information about Sri Lanka.

With a focus on foreigners who might be considering a holiday in Sri Lanka soon, the website features innovative articles such as “Twelve Jolly Good Reasons to Spend Christmas in Sri Lanka” as well as the Survival Guide.

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