Sri Lanka launches hotline for garbage collection in Colombo

waste disposal bins

July 05, 2017 – Sri Lanka’s Provincial Councils and Local Government Ministry has launched a hotline for people to make complaints about garbage collection in the Colombo Municipal area.

The ministry has set up a special unit called the “National Task Force for Management of Waste” which will be manned by the tri-forces and an environmental police unit.

The hotlines are : 011-3301445 and 011-5993755.

“People can call and complain about issues pertaining to waste collection in their respective areas,” a senior official in the ministry said.

“For the moment the unit will first focus on the Western Province which is currently facing issues with garbage collection and later the service will be expanded to other parts.”

According to available data the Western Province alone produces around 60 percent of the nation’s waste, with 3,400 metric tons produced per day.

About 86 percent of waste is dumped in the open with only about 6 percent of this made into compost and about 4 percent of it recycled.

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