Sri Lanka launches tourism think tank

Sept 26, 2012 (LBO) – Sri Lanka is set to launch its first tourism related think tank that will gather information, analyze data and offer expertise to both policy makers and the businesses community to better steer the island’s booming tourism industry. The Centre for Research and Sustainability Studies in Tourism (CRST) launched this week
will gather information, analyze and disseminate data for better decision making in the industry, the research centre said.

“A credible and informed source of information is required for the benefit of decision makers both in the public and private sectors,” co-founder of the centre, Dileep Mudadeniya said in a statement.

“CRST will act as an independent body with a sound research database, providing actionable data, analysis and studies supporting the upliftment of Tourism in Sri Lanka at the macro level, gearing up to the arrival of more than a million visitors by the end of 2012.”

The centre is expected to produce industry focused reports on sustainability, market intelligence, carrying capacity, and tourism for peace and reconciliation.

It will also carry out an Island wide survey to assess the contribution of the small and medium sector to the overall tourism industry.

“The need for su

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