Sri Lanka Marxist JVP election manifesto repeats good governance policies


July 23, 2015 (LBO) – Sri Lanka Marxist JVP’s election manifesto presented to the public yesterday contains key governance policies similar to those contained in President Sirisena’s election manifesto.

Abolishing the executive Presidency by establishing a Parliamentary system, Electoral reforms, Right to Information Act and as well as the National Audit Act are some of the salient features of the JVP election manifesto.

Apart from that the ethics code for people’s representatives, 25 member cabinet and even the provision of 6 percent of GDP for education are among almost the same policies introduced at the last Presidential election.

It seems that they have carried forward mainly the unattended election promises with their election manifesto which aims at creating a society based on modern socialist policies.

The JVP proposes to draft a new constitution based on public proposals and to pass it through a referendum within one year.

The party also proposes to abolish the pension scheme and luxury vehicle license system for Parliamentarians.

The manifesto which contains about 100 pages mainly highlights the policies approved at the National Convention of the party held February last year.

There is a suggestion to establish a ‘People’s Council’ (Janatha Sabha) for economically and religiously lagging behind regions in the country which replaces the existing provincial council system.

The manifesto also mentions appointing a Commission against Discrimination along with a Truth and Reconciliation Commission for the peace building process.

Meanwhile the UNP is to unveil their policies based on social market economy with the proposal for creating one million new job opportunities for youth during their five year term.

The UPFA is also currently busy preparing their manifesto which is to be revealed this week under the theme ‘A Fresh Start’ although the same set of old people will be leading the party.