Sri Lanka natural resources seen threatened by weak laws

Sept 24, 2010 (LBO) – Protection of natural resources in Sri Lanka is endangered by the lack of peoples’ right to information and legal confusion created by devolution of power, an expert said. “Unless there’s an effective mechanism put in place and implemented vigorously it is not only poor people’s lifestyles but also natural resources which get affected,” Selvakkumaran said. “Governance of natural resources plays an important role because it affects the lives of people in general and affects people who are marginalised and vulnerable in a greater extent,” said N Selvakkumaran, dean of the faculty of law of the Colombo University.

Three out of four poor people live in rural areas all over the world and Sri Lanka is not an exception.

They mainly depend on forestry, fisheries and agriculture and on water and wind power, Selvakkumaran told a seminar on improving natural resource governance for rural poverty reduction organised by the International Union for Conservation of Nature

“As such issues of governance of these resources becomes very critical if the status of poverty is to be reduced among poor people and their lifestyle and livelihood are to be improved,” Selvakkumaran sai