Sri Lanka overnight rates lower

Nov 30, 2011 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s average overnight rates have eased over the past two days after the Central Bank stopped its repo auctions to withdraw excess liquidity but some banks who are short of cash are still borrowing at high rates, dealers said.

A 2013 bond was quoted at 8.85/9.00 percent.

In forex market the spot dollar was quoted at 113.90/choice which is a central bank guidance rate.

Overnight gilt backed repos traded around 7.75 to 8.00 percent early Wednesday with while there were only a few quotes in the bond markets ahead of a bill auction later in the day, dealers said.

Lenders which are excess cash, which are mainly foreign and cannot lend to other participants due to exposure limits are now parking cash at Central Bank’s at 7.00 percent standing facility.

According to official data the weighted average repo rate fell from 8.25 percent on Friday to 8.09 percent on Monday and 7.78 percent on Tuesday.

But some deals were still going at 8.50 percent or near the reverse repo standing facility at which cash is injected to the banking system.

On Monday 2.0 billion rupees was borrowed from the reverse repo window.

In bond markets, a 2015 bond was quoted around 9.70/10.00 percent for small volumes down from a higher 10.25 levels a week earlier, dealers said.