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Sri Lanka overreacted to milk contamination: minister

Aug 30, 2013 (LBO) – Sri Lanka has probably overreacted in its response to stories of contaminated milk imported from abroad, information minister Keheliya Rambukwelle said. A trade union went to courts and got an order halting the sales of Fonterra products, and nationalists protested in front of its factory in Sri Lanka, leading to the company suspending operations. There were also court orders banning advertising.

Advertising bans were also ordered.

Economic and religious nationalism has seen a resurgence in Sri Lanka in recent years, with autarky including in milk, becoming a mainstream policy.

Sri Lanka stopped the import of milk from New Zealand after discovering trace amounts of dicyanamide (DCD) a fertilizer additive, in four batches of milk sold by several firms including from New Zealand based Fonterra had stopped the use of the chemical in fields.
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Imports of food containing whey protein was also stopped and sweeping withdrawals of foods were ordered from shelves after New Zealand based Fonterra said a batch of whey protein exported to China and Saudi Arabia were found to be contaminated with bacteria.

“There was a debate that built up in

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