Sri Lanka PAFFREL calls Parliamentarians to adhere March 12 Declaration

May 14, 2015 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s election watchdog PAFFREL has called Parliamentarians to adhere March 12 Declaration when handing over nominations for the upcoming general election.



The Declaration which was presented to all political parties on 12 March 2015 is a criterion on the values and qualifications that need to be considered when selecting candidates for elections.

The Declaration was signed by leaders of political parties indicating that they accept the declaration and hand out nominations in the future in accordance with the criterion of the declaration.

“Although, it is the leadership that has the ability to enforce this criteria in the coming election season, we are of the opinion that you too carry the ability and the need to make positive influence to that effect.” PAFFREL said in a letter to Parliamentarians.

The island nation is currently preparing for a tough general election most probably under the existing electoral system; revealing once again the dark side of the nomination battle.

The existing system feeds greedy politicians who spend substantial amount of money to win over the competitive vote battle.

This Declaration prepared by the Citizens’ Collective including PAFFREL, will lead the way forward for party leaders in identifying true representatives of people.