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Sri Lanka pension bill protestor dies

June 02, 2011 (LBO) – A Sri Lankan worker who was shot while protesting a state plan to deduct more money from private sector worker salaries to build a new state-controlled pension fund has died as the country’s police chief stepped down.
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The proposed plan would see deductions going up further.

Sri Lanka’s state workers and rulers get pensions with no contributions. Dozens of workers were injured in clashes opposing state plans to build a third state controlled forced savings plans out of the salaries of private sector workers.

Sri Lanka’s police chief Mahinda Balasuriya stepped down over the shootings. Sri Lanka’s main export industrial zone was closed following the clashes and is due to open Thursday.

Exports workers, especially women who leave the factory floor after a few years were against some of the most unjust provisions of the proposed law, which sought to confiscate contribution made for less than 10 years, union leaders said.

The state already deducts 23 percent of a salary from both employers and employees into to state controlled funds.

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