Sri Lanka pension fund should publish annual report: legislator

Jan 06, 2012 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s main opposition has called for the immediate publication an annual report of the island’s largest pension fund also questioned state plans for a 30-storey building using private citizens’ pension money. A pension (which involves a monthly annuity) will allow the state and rulers to control the private sector workers money for a longer period. The bill to create a pension has still not been taken off the order book of the parliament.

“Roshen Chanaka’s life was taken because he was fighting for the economic freedom not just for himself but for all seven million people who work in this country,” de Silva said.

“Respect that and don’t bring it from the back door and rush it through, but instead have a discussion and have agreement.”

Though nominally a democracy, Sri Lanka’s rulers have used parliamentary majorities to steal the economic freedoms of citizens and violate their rights for decades.

Last year the state pushed through a secretly hatched an expropriation law, violating property rights of the people, while throughout Asia, from China to Vietnam state are bringing laws to strengthen property rights previously violated under Marxist doctrines.

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