Sri Lanka Planters™ Association says sustainability of tea industry in the hands of workers

Oct 30, 2014 (LBO) – Sri Lanka planter association estimates increase of two kilograms in the daily plucking average of tea of each worker can bring down unit cost of production by 30 rupees or 6.5 percent and significantly boost Sri Lanka™s entire plantation industry and benefit all stakeholders by bringing down the skyrocketing unit cost of production of tea. There is ample evidence to prove that workers can actually pluck far more than 2kg extra, if they really set their minds to do it, Roshan Rajadurai, Chairman of Planters™ Association said.

They must realise that any improvement in productivity will cushion the impact of the very high cost of production in Sri Lanka and eventually will help to sustain the tea industry, through cost reduction and improved competitiveness in the global marketplace,

If the industry collapses, it will be the workers who will face the brunt of such a disaster. Already, we have heard reports that some rubber small holders have stopped tapping rubber because it is unviable and they have alternate sources of employment,

However this will not be the case for the approximately one million plantation community resident in the plantations, who are enjoying all the benefits provided since they™re employed in the estates.

Noting that at approximately Rs. 460 per kilogramme, Sri Lanka™s

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