Sri Lanka PM seeks Japanese support for national reconciliation

Sri Lanka PM

Oct 07, 2015 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe who is on a visit to Japan had said that, Sri Lanka needs Japanese government support for national reconciliation and peace building process.

“We are expecting support from Japan for the national reconciliation and peace building process in Sri Lanka,” Wickremesinghe said addressing Japanese parliamentarians in Tokyo on Tuesday.

“Especially we are hoping to get Japanese Government support to call a meeting of donors to assist in the reconstruction and revitalisation of the socio economy of the conflict affected areas.”

A statement issued by the two countries recalled the role of Yasushi Akashi, the representative of Japan, in peacebuilding and the role of Japan in organizing the Tokyo Conference on reconstruction and development in 2003.

Sri Lanka ended a 30-year war with Tamil Tiger separatists in 2009 and is in the process of developing the North and East of the island.

Under a ‘Comprehensive Partnership’ announced during the visit Japan will provide training to 1,800 Sri Lankan local public officials by 2016 under a project for training of frontline officers in community development in conflict-affected areas.

Prime Minister Abe stated that Japan will support the development of community infrastructure including water supply and conducting a survey to enhance the facilities of the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Jaffna.

Japan will also provide 240 million Yen through the World Food Programme (WFP) for the Food Assistance Programme in order to improve school meals.

In terms of maritime defence, the leaders “recognized the importance of cooperation and exchanges between the two defense establishments on maritime security including through port calls by the vessels of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force,” a statement said.

The also confirmed promoting cooperation towards an early reform of the UN Security Council through intergovernmental negotiations in New York. Prime Minister Abe expressed his gratitude for Sri Lanka’s continued support for Japan’s bid for a permanent seat in the Security Council.

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