Sri Lanka power regulator warns CEB on long term generation plan


Jul 07, 2016 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s Public Utilities Commission (PUCSL) has warned that immediate action was necessary and that the Ceylon Electricity Board needs to expedite its submission of the Least Cost Long Term Generation Expansion Plan (LCLTGEP) 2015 – 2034 with the relevant changes.
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“You are required to submit the LCLTGEP 2015 -2034 on or before August 01, 2016,” the power regulator, PUCSL said in a letter to the CEB.
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“The Commission has observed that under the drought conditions, even with planned plant additions, Sri Lanka is envisaged energy and capacity shortages in year 2018/19 and beyond and the transmission licensees delay in submission of the LCLTGEP 2015 – 2034 could further aggravate this situation.” Considering the above circumstances the Commission decided to issue a directive under condition 4 of transmission and bulk supply license issued to the CEB to submit the revised Plan, including the solutions and capacity demand during 2016 – 2021, the letter said. As per CEB forecasts Sri lanka’s generation demand is expected to grow 5.5 percent per annum during 2015 – 2022 while in addition the peak demand is expected to grow at 4.
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4 percent per annum.
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