Sri Lanka should clean up its act while resisting external probe: political analyst

Apr 26, 2014 (LBO) – Sri Lanka should improve rights of citizens while resisting an international inquiry planned into alleged war crimes by UN’s Human Rights Council and also strengthen relations with India, a political analyst said. “The international inquiry has to be resisted because it has no precedent,” Dayan Jayatillaka, former diplomat and political analyst, told an LBR-LBO CEO forum in Colombo which looked at challenges from a UN resolution on Sri Lanka.

“There is no correlation between accountability and reconciliation.”

The March UNHRC resolution called for an external probe in to alleged war crimes by the Sri Lanka military and Tamil Tigers saying there was no domestic action so far.

It also called for Sri Lanka’s northern provincial council to be allowed to work effectively and for improvements of the rights of citizens including religious freedoms amid rising nationalism and a call to stop attacks on human rights defenders.

Jayatillaka said looking at past events involving other nations, accountability mechanisms were not always built into attempts at reconciliation. In the case of the Spanish civil war, there was such mechanism.

Accountability hearings had been conducted 30 to 40 years later in

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