Sri Lanka should have more strikes to boost attendance: minister

May 23, 2013 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s opposition parties should call more general strikes to improve attendance among state workers, a government minister said following a failed strike over an electricity price hike. Also in Sri Lanka budget deficits bordering 20 percent of gross domestic product, partly financed with central bank credit (printed money) had driven inflation above 20 percent and currency was depreciating, making people poorer.

Aluthgamage, who belongs to the ruling Sri Lanka Freedom Party said the JVP and the UNP had failed to mobilize state workers this time since they were with the current administration.

Analysts say the strike was also probably a welcome distraction in diverting attention from issues relating to rule of law, justice, individual freedom, liberty and anti-minority nationalism that has been dogging the current administration in the recent past.

Price Manipulation

The strike was organized against a hike in electricity tariffs designed to bring revenues of the state-run power monopoly Ceylon Electricity Board, more in line with costs after under priced energy drove the country into an economic crisis starting from 2011.

The rupee fell from 110 to 134 to