Sri Lanka state jobs created for tens of thousands unemployable graduates

Nov 12, 2012 (LBO) – Sri Lanka has created 21,463 new posts in ministries up to August 2013 out of which 18,128 were for unemployable graduates educated at tax payer expense, data released under a fiscal management law shows. In 2009 44,532 new posts were created including 40,095 in departments, 1,769 in ministries, 1,641in provincial councils and 1,027 in statutory boards.

In 2010, 5,302 new posts were created and in 2011 3,950 new posts were created.

In 2012 up to August 25,470 new posts had been created including 2,618 in departments, 286 in provincial councils, 541 in statutory boards and 562 in development projects in addition to the 21,463 in ministries.

In contrast only 215 “unnecessary posts” had been suppressed up to August 2012, 747 in 2011, 546 in 2010 and 2,106 in 2009.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa said in his budget speech that 91,000 graduate have been employed in the public sector since 2006.

Sri Lanka already has a bloated public sector which is eating up more than half of all the taxes collected from the people.

Up to August 2012 state salaries and pensions ate up 303 billion rupees out of 562 billion in taxes collected or 54 cents out of every tax rupee.

Unemployable grad

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