Sri Lanka tea prices hit lowest levels since March 2012


Oct 08, 2015 (LBO) – Sri Lankan tea prices have come down to it’s lowest levels since March 2012 with low grown varieties the worst affected, latest data shows.

The Colombo tea auction monthly average price for September 2015 was down 71.33 rupees to 368.18 rupees a kilo from 439.51 rupees in 2014, Forbes and Walker Tea Brokers said in a report.

“Low growns shown a significant decrease of 88.57 rupees compared to 460.58 rupees of September 2014,” the report said.

“The High growns average price of 379.81 rupees a kilo for September 2015 was 19.62 rupees down from  September 2014 and the Mediums at 334.37 rupees, had fallen 46.82 rupees from a year ago.”

Meanwhile the averages also show a decrease even in US dollar terms compared to the corresponding period of September 2014.

The Brokers said, the January- September cumulative average price for 2015 of 401.08 rupees a kilo was 66.60 rupees lower than in the same 2014 period.

“Here again these averages show a decrease in US dollar terms compared to 2014. It is also relevant to note that 2015 prices are lower to 2013 levels in Sri Lanka rupee and US dollar terms.”