Sri Lanka to decide road toll next week

July 14, 2011 (LBO) – Fees for Sri Lanka’s first toll expressway to the south of the island will be decided next week ahead of its opening scheduled for later this month, head of Sri Lanka’s road development authority R W Pemasiri said.

Manual collected can result in revenue leakages through various means. According to some estimates in India there may be about 20 percent of toll leakages.

Pemasiri said only a small amount of work remained to be done on the Galle expressway and the agency is expecting to open the road before the end of the month.

Pemasiri said tolls would be collected manually through the issue of tickets. The fund will go to the Treasury directly he said, and will be voted back to the road agency.

Electronic tolling will be introduced later he said.

To ensure a smooth traffic flow and stop ‘leakages’ electronic tolling is used in other countries.

Systems provided by companies such as E-z pass allows barrier less toll plazas through the use of smart tag and transponder technology.