Sri Lanka to get rail link to international airport

Mar 21, 2012 (LBO) – Malaysia’s Airport Express Air and Rail Company is to build a rapid transit rail link between Sri Lanka’s capital Colombo and the international airport at Katunayake, a northern suburb. The planned new railway terminal can be accessed directly from the arrivals and departures lounges of the Bandaranaiyake International Airport building at Katunayake, a statement said.

It did not say how much the project would cost.

Travel time would be just 15 minutes, it said. It now takes at least an hour to reach the airport by road because of traffic jams.

The other terminus will be at Fort, Colombo, in close proximity to the Fort main railway station with two parallel railway lines running to and from these two destinations.

“Commuters from the airport or even tourists around the vicinity of the airport building, will now be given the opportunity to travel to Colombo on an un-interrupted railway passage within just a matter of a few minutes,” the statement said.

The planned ˜Fort Lotus terminal’ will comprise of a 32-storey tower, which would have a shopping mall, multiplex cinema, casino, hotel, conference centre, food courts, and a health centre.