Sri Lanka to limit water supply, Colombo consumption up

Oct 10, 2016 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s Water Supply and Drainage Board has decided to limit its pump water supply in the island due to the prevailing drought condition amid increased consumption.

K Alahudeen Ansar, chairman of the board, told LBO that water consumption in the Colombo District alone has increased by about 15 percent in the recent past.

The Ambatale Water Treatment Plant is the main plant that supplies water to Colombo city and suburban areas of Colombo District. Both main and new treatment plants at Ambatale have the capacity to purify 560,000 cubic meters of water per day which provides potable drinking water.

“We draw about 500,000 cubic meters of water per day on average, but these days we are drawing over 540,000 cubic meters of water,” Ansar said.

Other plants located at Kalatuwawa, Labugama Biyagama, Kandana and Kethana which covers western production purifies in total 389,000 cubic meters per day.

He said Colombo consumers will not face major issues as per the current situation apart from low water pressure experienced in some areas of the district due to high water demand.

“We still have not come to a bad situation in Colombo. The water level at Kelani River is also fairly OK.”

Chairman of the Board rejected the reports of an impending water cut of 6 hours in the country.

“There is no truth in it,” he said.

Government said it has taken measures to supply water to the entire country to the maximum level possible, especially to those suffering from the drought.

The Water Board currently supplies bowser water even to non-consumers in 16 districts suffering from drought as requested by the Disaster Management Authority.

The board further requests consumers to use water with utmost care during this drought period.

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