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Sri Lanka to obtain arid climate resistant fruit species from Egypt


Oct 29, 2015 (LBO) –  Sri Lanka will enter into a memorandum of understanding between the ministry of agriculture of Sri Lanka and the ministry of agriculture and land reclamation of Egypt to obtain arid climate resistant fruit species, particularly planting  materiel of orange species, along with the technology applicable.

Accordingly it has been planned to establish fruit cultivation in arid areas in Sri Lanka including the North and East.

Egypt situated centering the Nile River has dry and arid climate zones in North Africa.

Whereas the arable land areas are limited, the agriculture of that country plays an important role in the economy by providing livelihood and employment to majority of people, Cabinet Spokesperson and Mass Media Minister Gayantha Karunathilaka said.

He said there is a possibility of applying Egypt’s new technology and knowledge appropriately for agricultural development in the dry zone areas of Sri Lanka.

A MoU has been drafted in 2010 for technological transfer between Sri Lanka and Egypt and approval of the cabinet of ministers had been obtained for signing the same, but it was not materialized due to unavoidable reasons.

The new MoU has now been drafted by further developing the previous understanding through which both parties agree to exchange knowledge and experience on crop production, food processing, advertising, marketing and agricultural mechanism.

In view of the benefits available to Sri Lanka through this MOU, approval of the cabinet of ministers was sought for signing the MoU between the Ministry of Agriculture of Sri Lanka and the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation of Egypt.

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7 years ago

Grate step foward.All the best.

7 years ago

Good step after a long time