Sri Lanka to promote local milk production: Budget 2015

Oct 28, 2014 (LBO)-Sri Lanka to increase the guaranteed price of liquid milk to 60 rupees per liter in order to increase local milk production and popularize the local milk production. President Mahinda Rajapakse proposed this presenting the budget 2015, at the Parliament, Colombo.

I now propose to increase the guaranteed price of liquid milk to Rs. 60 per liter to increase local milk production and reduce the price of locally made milk powder by Rs. 100 per kilo and yoghurt by Rs. 5 per yoghurt, to popularize local products, President Mahinda Rajapakse said.

I propose to increase allocations to Provincial Councils to assist small dairy farmers to promote cattle farms, and quality animal feed production at provincial level.

He said the local milk production has increased to 40 percent of local consumption requirements.

An about 320 million liters of milk was produced last year statistics showed.

President said funds have been allocated for the expansion of the production of MILCO by doubling its capacity as well as to import 20,000 high quality cows to promote small and medium dairy farms as well as Government farms.

A special loan scheme is

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