Sri Lanka to provide health insurance for school children


Aug 24, 2017 (LB0) – Sri Lanka’s cabinet of ministers has approved health insurance cover for school children, a statement said.

Budget 2017 proposed to provide a free insurance cover of 200,000 rupees for 4.5 million school children in the age of 5-19 years and allocated 2,700 million rupees for the purpose.

The proposed cover grants compensations as follows:
OPD treatment – Rs. 10.000/=
Hospitalizations – up to Rs. 100,000/=
Sudden death of a pupil – Rs. 100,000/=
Sudden death of a parent- Rs. 75,000/=
Total Disability – Rs. 100,000/=
Partial Disability – Rs. 50,000/= to 100,000/=

The scheme will be implement through the Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation Ltd. subject to an annual premium of 2,348 million rupee, as recommended by the Cabinet Appointed Procurement Committee.

The proposal was made by the Education Minister Akila Viraj Kariyawasam.