Sri Lanka to set standards for LED lighting

Oct 03, 2013 (LBO) – Sri Lanka will set standards for energy saving light emitting diode (LED) bulbs, paving the way to end high taxes on the product, an official said. Wickramasinghe said buyers can look at the star rating and compare prices and brands.

“A light with higher star rating may be a better buy even if the price is a little higher,” he said.

Wickramasinghe said the SEA was also developing a star rating regime for other appliances like fans.

“We working on setting up standards so that imported and domestically produced LED lighting,” Harsha Wickramasinghe, deputy director general of Sri Lanka’s Sustainable Energy Authority (SEA) told LBO.

“At the moment there are no standards anywhere.”

Sri Lanka is already widely using compact fluorescent lights (CFL) and LED lighting promises greater savings in electricity.

But LED bulbs are taxed at a higher rate on the basis of being ‘decorative lighting’ despite the greater energy savings that could be achieved.

Wickramasinghe said the introduction of the standard would pave the way for an import tax reduction with an assurance that the products performed as promised.

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