Sri Lanka Tourist arrivals up 6.6-pct in January 2015

Feb 16, 2015 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s tourist arrivals rose 6.6 percent to 156,246 in January 2015 from a year earlier, driven by China, Russia, India and United Kingdom, data from the state tourism promotion office showed.

South Asian visitors were up 14.6 percent to 28,392 compared to the same month last year supported by arrivals from India, Pakistan and Maldives.

India, Sri Lanka top market up by 5.6 percent to 17,886.

Visitors from Maldives were up 35.5 percent to 7,024 and Pakistan was up 37.6 percent to 2,351.

East Asian visitors were up 95.6 percent to 25,823 with arrivals from China up 223.9 percent to 10,779.

Malaysian visitors were up 63.7 percent to 2,059, Japanese were up 52.7 percent to 2,859 and Indonesia was up 310.1 percent to 4,729 compared to the same month last year.

Visitors from Western Europe were up 17.9 percent 46,301 in the month with UK up 13.6 percent to 12,896 and Germany up 16.7 percent to 9,211..

Eastern European arrivals were up 63.6 percent to 24,837 with Russia up 91.6 percent to 10,700, Ukraine also was up 21 percent to 6,424.

Middle Eastern visitors were up 9.7 percent to 6, 8442 with arrivals from Saudi Arabis up 0.4 percent to 2,283 and UAE up 52 percent to 383 but Kuwait was down 18.9 percent to 497.

Sri Lanka had the Presidential Election on the month of January.