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Sri Lanka Treasury bill yields drop


Sri Lanka’s Treasury bill yields were down at Wednesday’s auction with 3-months yield dropped by 0.02 basis points and 6-month yields dropped by 0.03 basis points, data from the state debt office showed.

It was decided to accept 11,129 million rupees from the auction of 03 month yield from received 18,628 million rupees worth bills.

Treasury bills of 4,000 million rupees for 3 months, 6,000 million rupees for six months and 10,000 million rupees for twelve months were offered on an auction basis today.

6-month bill was closed at 6.19 percent and it was decided to accept 11,147 million rupees.

12-month closed at 6.31 percent and 6,035 million rupees were accepted from the auction.

The auction was oversubscribed with bids amounting to 63,906 million rupees being received.

It was decided to accept 28,311 million rupees from the auction.

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