Sri Lanka, US trade, investment can grow: official

June 15, 2012 (LBO) – Trade and investment between Sri Lanka and the United States can grow after the end of 30-year war, as peace brought new opportunities US Trade Representative to South Asia Micheal Delaney said. “My visit here allowed me to follow up on those discussions and to learn more about what the Government and other stakeholders have done in recent months to improve the worker rights environment.”

“We are pleased to note that there has been significant progress on several issues raised in the petition.

“For example, the Sri Lanka Board of Investment has established trade union facilitation centers in each of the three largest export processing zones something the trade unions had sought.”

The US was already the biggest buyer of Sri Lankan goods to the tune of 2.1 billion US dollars while Sri Lanka had bought over 300 million dollars of goods, he said.

“The golden age of our economic relationship is right now,” he said. “And we think it is going to get better as we go forward,” Delaney told reporters in Colombo.

“We are the biggest customer of Sri Lankan exports, something we are proud of it.

“We are doing a lot now. There is also a lot more we can do. With the end of

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