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Sri Lankan Airlines in green flight

Mar 21, 2009 (LBO) – Sri Lankan Airlines, the national carrier of the Indian Ocean island had its first ‘green flight’ Saturday using recyclable consumables on board and flying practices that minimize fuel burn. The airline says it ‘green flight’ to Frankfurt was the first in the region and it wants to make ‘planet friendly flights’ an airline-wide practice in two years.

SriLankan first started using fuel saving techniques in the middle of last year when fuel prices shot up.

From July the airline had saved average of 3.9 percent of fuel a month. In January savings had increased to 5.6 percent.

SriLankan chief executive Manoj Gunewardena says the airline has saved 2.38 million US gallons (9.11 million gallons) since the fuel saving program started.

Anushad Liyanagoda, who piloted the Airbus A330 who is also the airline’s aviation fuel manager, says flying practices have been changed to save fuel.

All landings at Sri Lanka’s international airport are through a ‘continuous descent approach’ and tugs are used to move aircraft over longer distances on the ground.

Twin engine A330 aircraft are certified to fly 120 minutes away as opposed within 60 minutes of the nearest airport (extend

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