Sri Lankans offered Indian medical tourism packages

Dec 07, 2010 (LBO) – A range of medical treatment presently unavailable in the island will be made available to Sri Lankans in neighboring India at an affordable cost, a newly launched health tourism company said.

“Our aim is to offer high quality health care at an affordable cost to middle income families,” Manilal Fernando, chairman, Comfort Health Care said.

“What we are offering is a home to home service, where the patient leaves home, gets the treatment in India and comes back home safely,” Fernando told a news conference held with his Indian partner, Comfort Health Care, India.

Comfort Health Care, Sri Lanka will provide services from second opinions to sourcing the right medical facilities, arranging visas, and organizing travel and accommodation in addition to the medical treatment.

The company will also ensure a smooth handover to the patient’s local doctor for follow up and after care.

Specialized treatment that will be provided by the company will include transplants, cancer treatment, scans and assisted reproduction.

India has earned a name as a leading medical tourism destination and is also more cost effective when compared with other regional destinations.


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