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Sri Lanka’s Abans use new digital marketing application to promote LG smart phone

Mar 26, 2015 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s Abans Limited, which has interests in consumer durables said they will market their LG smart phone using mobiOs MMM platform.

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Issuing a statement the company said, while traditional marketing is outside the store targeting consumers to build brand awareness, digital marketing allows marketers to deliver personalized content to shoppers at home and directly influence their decision making process.

“Marketers can now use the MMM Mobile Media Marketing platform instantly, engaging customers at home or on the go to the store.”

MobiOs Chief ExecutiveTissera said traditional media simply creates awareness which is often distorted by conflicting messages by competitors and clutter, leaving the potential buyer confused and misdirected.

“However the marketer who uses the mobiOs MMM platform can direct a consumer to initiate a miss call to the platform TOLL FREE; once an interested customer initiates the call to the intelligent platform, the systems calls back the consumer and plays back the pre-researched and tested message, availing marketers to achieve the specific communication objective, thus converting the interested potential customer to a satisfied buyer through the message, supported with or without a digital discount coupon that will be sent to the phone that could be validated at the cashier counter.”

“Further more the mechanics can be managed to even gather more information such as customer choices opinions, while being designed as per market requirements. The information so gathered on a real time basis is then captured and used for corrective strategies to further fine tune future marketing engagements utilizing the mobiOs MMM platform”.

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