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Sri Lanka’s cabinet decides policy on advisors

Sep 18, 2015 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s Cabinet of Ministers has decided on policy with regard to appointment of advisors to the Cabinet and payment of their allowances, media spokesman, Minister Rajitha Senaratne had said.

The government consideration would only be given to appoint eminent persons with wide knowledge on the subject matters, advice which cannot be obtained from the senior officials of the ministry.

Also the policy says that only one advisor should be appointed to each Minister with the approval of the Cabinet of Ministers.

But a maximum of only two (02) advisors with experience and capability can be appointed with the approval of the Cabinet of Ministers to a Ministry who is entrusted with two or more portfolios.

According to the policy paper, in making payment to the advisory services, the relevant advisors should have fulfilled a maximum level of educational or professional qualification to the subject matter of the relevant ministry or ministries.

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8 years ago

Ha Ha ha…. SL ministers need that since they do not have the required knowledge and professionalism to run the ministries.