Sri Lanka’s Chamber of Commerce welcomes 19th amendment; concerns over constitutional council

Apr 29, 2015 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s Chamber of Commerce has welcomed the enactment of the 19th amendment to the constitution saying it improves democratic ideals.

Issuing a press release the Chamber has hailed the crucial roles played by the President, Prime Minister and the leaders of all political parties in arriving at a consensus; in spite of diverse views that prevailed initially, demonstrating their ultimate commitment towards democracy, which augurs well for the country.

The Chamber recognizes the enactment of 19A, as a very important and a positive step taken; especially the inclusion of provisions related to; the repealing of the 18th amendment, constitutional council, independent commissions and recognition of the right to information as a fundamental right of citizens.

“However, the Ceylon Chamber cautions that the committee stage amendments to increase the number of Parliamentarians in the composition of the constitutional council has the potential to compromise its independence and,”

“Believe, that the original clause would have served the interests of the country and its people better than the one on which the President, Prime Minister and the Government were finally forced to compromise on.” the chamber said.