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Sri Lanka’s eighth Parliament convenes, Karu Jayasuriya new speaker (Updated)

sri lankan-parliament

Sep 01, 2015 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s eighth Parliament convened Tuesday morning with the appointment of former cabinet minister Karu Jayasuriya as the new speaker of the house.

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe proposed Jayasuriya’s name and former opposition leader Nimal Siripala de Silva seconded it.

After the taking of oath or affirmation all members present, the Parliament proceeded to the election of a Deputy Speaker and a Deputy Chairman of Committees.

Accordingly, UPFA national list Parliamentarian Thilanga Sumathipala has been appointed as the Deputy Speaker and Adekalanadan as the Deputy Chairman of Committees.

Lakshman Kiriella named as the leader of the house while Gayantha Karunathilaka as the chief government whip.

After these appointments the Parliament adjourned till 3.00 p.m today even though the house is yet to field an opposition leader.

The President is to address Parliament by presenting the statement of government policy at the ceremonial sittings in terms of Article 32(4) and 33 of the constitution today afternoon.

Thereafter the Parliament will be adjourned.

The United National Party obtained the most number of seats at the recently concluded Parliamentary General Election 2015.



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