Sri Lanka’s ex-President Rajapaksa ready to catch few to form a new government


Aug 11, 2015 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s former President Mahinda Rajapaksa said there are people in other political parties to support them in the event of a shortage to form a new government.

“I’m quite confident of getting 117 seats, but if it is less than 113 seats, there are people in other political parties who will support us.” Rajapaksa said in an exclusive interview with a local TV station.

Recent analyses show that it is hard to secure a majority for any political party in the forthcoming general election.

As per the 19th amendment, a party which obtains the highest number of seats has the right to invite other parties to join their government to form a National Government.

The political party which obtains the highest number of seats also has the option to attract few Parliamentarians from the opposition to show the majority without making a National Government.

During the interview Rajapaksa said foreign investors attracted to the previous government, left the country just after the 2015 Presidential election.

“There were foreign investors. All of them went back after this government came. Because once an unstable government is formed, investors go away.” Rajapaksa said.

The former President also pointed out some controversial tax proposals that contained in the 2015 mini budget saying they damaged the business environment.

“Look at the taxes they imposed. Retrospective taxation… no one attempted to impose such taxes throughout the history,”

“These people don’t know what they are doing, they don’t have a plan.” Rajapaksa further said.