Sri Lanka’s former President Mahinda Rajapaksa to contest general election

President Mahinda Rajapaksa

July 01, 2015 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s former President Mahinda Rajapaksa on Wednesday making a special statement officially announced that he will contest the upcoming general election.

“I don’t have a right to refuse your request to contest the general election. We are ready to correct our past errors and I request all patriotic people to gather around us.” Rajapaksa told a gathering at his Madamulana residence.

However Rajapaksa did not clearly mentioned from which political party he is contesting the upcoming general election.

Sri Lanka’s President Maithripala Sirisena as the chairman of Sri Lanka Freedom Party yesterday officially said that he has not agreed to name a Prime Ministerial candidate for SLFP for the upcoming election.

Meanwhile former President Chandrika Kumaratunga is also preparing to contest the general election if Rajapaksa gets party nominations.

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