Sri Lanka’s large homes charged highest electricity tariff in the region

June 25, 2013 (LBO) – Larger households in Sri Lanka are charged the highest tariff in the region for electricity, but industrial and commercial charges are lower than some key countries in South and East Asia, analysis of published rates has shown. In Sri Lanka, very large households using 600 kiloWatt hours charged about 50.23 rupees on average and those above 180 unit a month 29.63 rupees a unit.

The next highest for very large households was South Korea with 34.69 rupees for above 600 units and 10.32 above 180 units.

Singapore charged a uniform rate of 26.72 for all users, except bulk commercial and industrial customers who were charged 19.83 and 19.31 rupees a unit.

The comparison by energy specialist Tilak Siyambalapitiya and W Wijesundera shows that large industries in Sri Lanka were paying about 17.80 rupees a unit which was lower than Singapore, Philippines, Pakistan, Hong Kong and Maharashtra in India.

But Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, Bangladesh and Kerala in India had lower tariffs.

 Power tariffs in Sri lanka compared with South Asia, East Asia - Lanka Business Online