Sri Lanka’s People’s Leasing net down 35-pct in Dec

Feb 01, 2013 (LBO) – Profits at Sri Lanka’s People’s Leasing and Finance, the country’s largest non-bank lender fell 35.8 percent to 534 million rupees in the December 2012 quarter from a year earlier interim accounts show.

Deposits from customers rose 42 percent to 12.3 billion rupees.

The group reported earnings of 32 cents per share. In the nine months to December profits were down 39 percent to 2.0 billion rupees giving earnings of 1.24 rupees per share.

In the December 2012 quarter interest income rose 18.0 percent to 4.2 billion rupees, but interest expenses rose at a faster 40 percent to 2.65 billion rupees, squeezing net interest income 7.2 percent to 1.57 billion rupees.

Sri Lanka’s interest rates rose and the exchange rate depreciated in 2012 as the country recovered from a balance of payments crisis, slowing credit growth.

Fee income rose 400 percent to 179 million rupees. Profits from Islamic finance rose 74 percent to 199 million rupees.

Loan loss provisions rose 220 percent to 411 million rupees.

In the nine months to December lease rentals rose 8.3 percent to 43.6 billion rupees and hire purchase outstanding fell 9.7 percent to 30.9 billion rupees.

In the nine months to December gross assets were barely changed at 96.7 billion rupees while net assets fell 0.9 percent to 18.5 billion rupees.